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  • OrbitMC is your traditional prison server with a twist. We have added our own elements to the game mode to make it more unique and engaging for the community. Every player starts as an inmate with rank [A] and you work your way through the galaxy by mining until you reach rank [Z} use command /rankup. Once you reach rank [Z} you can prestige using /prestige, there are 4 prestiges in total: Crook, Thug, Gangster, and Free. Working your way up the prestiges helps boost your gang score
  • Gangs can be created using the command /gang create (name of your gang). Once you have created a gang you will immediately notice a block appear in your inventory. This block is your CORE and is used to create your gang CELL. Once your gang is created you should immediately travel to the VANISHING POINT using /warp cells or /warp space. Here you can travel freely, we recommend you go far away from the vanishing point before placing your core block. Once you have found a location, place your CORE block and your cell will generate. Your cell operates as your home base for you and your gang members. Feel free to invite as many friends to your gang using /gang invite (username)
  • Crates are located at spawn, use /warp crates to teleport to the specific location. Left Click and crate to view the items that you can potentially win. In order to open a crate you must have a CRATE KEY otherwise you can only view the rewards. CRATE KEYS can be earned by voting (use /vote ingame) or they can be directly purchased through our store @
  • Gold is the most valuable ingot on OrbitMC, it is used for almost all upgrades to your cell and player. It is extremely hard to find and can only be obtained in the caverns/caves beneath spawn, by purchasing a donor rank, and voting.
  • Payouts are given to the top 3 gangs each season. You can view the current top gangs using the command /top gangs.

  • 1st place: $300 Paypal
    2nd place: $150 Paypal
    3rd place: $50 Paypal

    Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What are gangs? How do I create one?
    Answer: Gangs are basically teams, you can create a gang using the command /gang create (name) and you can invite your friends to join your gang. Your goal is to become the richest and most powerful gang on the server
  • Where can I vote?
    Answer: You can vote by joining our server @ and simply typing in /vote
  • Where can I purchase a donor rank?
    Answer: Donor Ranks & Other Perks can be found @
  • How do I join Discord?
    Answer: First make sure you have discord downloaded and installed on your computer. Then simply type: into any web browser.

    For any further questions please join our discord @ and open a ticket. A staff member will happily answer any questions/concerns


  • Please do not advertise. Advertising on our main server or discord server will result and a permanent ban
  • Inside raiding a gang is now allowed and is a bannable offense.
  • OrbitMC does not tolerate any spam, racism, or DDOS threats. Violating any of these will result in a permanent mute/ban
  • We do not tolerate any hacking on our server. Violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban
  • Boosting your account by paying other players via the auction house or bounties is not allowed and is an exploit that we consider cheating.
  • Boosting by storing gold/core power on alt accounts or merging with other gangs to give you a significant advantage is not allowed and considered boosting
  • We ask that your please report any bugs, hackers, or dupes of any sort to a staff member via Discord or on our server. Thank you
  • We ask that you respect all players and staff, we are a competitive server, however, we want everyone to feel welcomed.
  • Ban Evading is not allowed. If you ban evade we will ban your IP address and it will only worsen your case. If you feel that you have been banned for the wrong reasons or if a staff member made a mistake, please submit a ban appeal under the correct category on our forums.
  • Lastly, if you choose to support our server through donating, please note you can cancel at any time after 3 months from your purchase date, however chargebacks are not allowed and will result in an immediate ban.
    Please Click the Link Below For Rules & Punishments

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