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  1. ChrisDunc

    OrbitMC Season 3 - Official Announcment

    More Changes and Updates: - Cell Warping (You can move your cell every 48hrs) - 30% cap on how much Core Power you can take from a single raid - Vaults starting at Cells 5+ (1 chest in your base that cant be raided) - A-Z replaced with 10 custom worlds, prestige 5 remains - New Parkour /Warp...
  2. ChrisDunc

    FAQ: Temples

  3. ChrisDunc

    Hi there!

    Hey there @Aselgia
  4. ChrisDunc

    FAQ: How to use Modules

  5. ChrisDunc


    Quitme, those features you said above are being added :) thanks for your suggestion.
  6. ChrisDunc

    FAQ: Lasers & Batteries

  7. ChrisDunc

    FAQ: Teleporters

  8. ChrisDunc

    Hi there!

  9. ChrisDunc

    The Random Post

    Whats up Caelan!
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    Yes we can do that, let me talk with the web dev @joopiesaus232
  11. ChrisDunc

    FAQ: SpaceBattles, how they work?

  12. ChrisDunc

    FAQ: Custom Enchants

    Second Video is a more in-depth explanation of how to use the custom enchants plugin
  13. ChrisDunc

    Under the mines

  14. ChrisDunc

    Custom Cell

    Hey Datz, thanks for the suggestion. I think having custom cells per person would prove to be a bit difficult. However, like last season you will be able to build within your cell now. With these new cells that we are releasing there is a lot more internal room for you to make changes and build...
  15. ChrisDunc


    Thank you Datz :)
  16. ChrisDunc

    OrbitMC Season 1.0 JULY 1st

  17. ChrisDunc

    Down Time!

    Greetings fellow Astronauts , Today was the end of BETA season, thank you all for playing. We are excited for Season 1.0 and all the new features we plan on bringing to the game-mode. OrbitMC will be on a temporary down time in order to prepare for our upcoming launch. Dates July 1st / 11AM...
  18. ChrisDunc

    SlamminSammin check our forums there is a tutorial on how to use it.

    SlamminSammin check our forums there is a tutorial on how to use it.
  19. ChrisDunc

    FAQ: MineCrates Rewards/How They Work

    depending on what level prestige you are these are the rewards you can win from mining in the mines about every 3000 blocks you mine you will be presented with one of the above rewards.